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Jolin Tsai Information Discography
Jolin Tsai first broke into the Taiwanese entertainment industry at age 18, winning first place in an MTV singing competition with a cover of the Whitney Houston song "The Greatest Love of All". After her performance, she was signed by Universal Music Taiwan. Tsai released her first single, "Be a Neighbor to the World (I Can)"] in July 1999. The single was sold in 7-Eleven convenience stores around the island, and was followed by her first full-length album, Jolin 1019, in September 1999. Tsai's girl-next-door image made her a quick favorite among local teenagers, particularly boys, earning her the nickname "Teenage Boy Killer".

~Source: Wikipedia.

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Jolin fanlisting

Stylesheet by refuted

Studio albums
♬ Jolin 1019
Released: 10 September, 1999
♬Don't Stop
Released: 26 April, 2000
♬Show Your Love
Released: 22 December, 2000
♬Lucky Number
Released: 7 July 2001
♬MAGIC (看我72變)
Released: 7 March 2003
♬CASTLE (城堡)
Released: 27 February 2004
Released: 25 April 2005
♬Dancing Diva (舞孃)
Released: 12 May 2006

Remix albums
♬騎士精神 (單曲)(非賣品)
Released: 2002
♬Dancing Forever (唯舞独尊)
Released: 29 September 2006

Compilation albums
♬Together (精選集)
Released: 2002
♬J9 PARTY (J9 新歌+PARTY精選)
Released: 12 November 2004
Released: 5 May 2006
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